Hello everyone,

We previously stated that it was our best intention to proceed with a physical event on the 5th of September. For everyone’s safety, we will not be proceeding with this method but will be hosting a digital event instead!

Once again, before we go into more detail, we wanted to say an absolutely massive thank you to you all for submitting to us in our first year and supporting us. It has been a delightfully interesting & rewarding first year and we are already so excited to grow the festival in year two!

Now onto the details!

Whilst it is sad that we can’t meet you all in person, we think the digital approach will ensure everyone is safe and will also allow us to be far more flexible with how the event operates. In fact, we will now be running the festival for over a week instead of just one day. That’s right, the festival will now run from the 5th of September through to the 13th of September!

We are very excited by this as originally, due to scheduling difficulties, we weren’t able to screen the bi-monthly winners of the ‘Genre’ or ‘Technical’ categories, but now we are able to screen a selection of some of these high-quality entries, and fully intend to do so. Additionally, we will be able to screen some of the feature-length winning films in their entirety, as well as a selection of long clips or scene montages from some of the others. Furthermore, we will be inviting some guest speakers to host seminars on different topics related to filmmaking with more details on this to follow in the coming weeks. Therefore, even if you did not have a winning entry, we want to assure you that the festival is absolutely for everyone and is open to all guests. To fully emphasise this, we will not be charging an entry fee to access the annual event week; it is entirely FREE OF CHARGE!

Of course, let’s not forget that we will be announcing the winners of the GOLD Annual Awards for the best overall film in each category. We will be calling on several guest judges to help us with this, and the winning films will be announced on Saturday the 12th and shown in-full again on Sunday the 13th. Alongside the winner’s announcement, we will also be screening films from our East Midlands categories and will be asking for your input on which entry deserves a special mention via an East Midlands Audience Choice Award. This will also be announced on the 12th, as will our plans for the festival going forward. 

Prior to this, however, we will be hosting online screening sessions starting on the 5th and running until the 11th. These sessions will feature a selection of our favourite submissions from this year’s entries, including the unannounced GOLD Annual Award winners. Each screening session will be preceded by a short introductory video to welcome you and remind you what is scheduled. From there we will proceed to screen the films included in the session for you to watch at your leisure. We will also be hosting discussion forums for people to connect with fellow filmmakers and network as they choose to. Over the next few weeks, we will be contacting the lucky filmmakers who will be screened during the event, so keep an eye on your email inbox!

So, to clarify what has been said, please see our initial schedule below:


5th September - Screening Session
6th September - Screening Session
7th September - Screening Session
8th September - Screening Session
9th September - Screening Session
10th September - Screening Session
11th September - Screening Session
12th September  - East Midlands Screening Session with Audience Choice Award
GOLD Annual Awards Winners Announcement

13th September - GOLD Annual Award Winners Screening Session

As always, we will be sharing more precise information on each of these areas over the next few weeks so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page!

If you have any questions at all, please let us know.

All the best & stay safe,

The White Deer IFF team
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