We have recently partnered with
NAM is an International talent agency, based in London and Paris. It represents performers and creatives across multiple specialisms and they will be working with us to create opportunities throughout our festival.
As you can imagine, we are immensely excited by this partnership and you will be able to see in action at our events.
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Festival Partner - North Artist Management

Festival Collaborator - Cinebooth

"We operate screening & networking events, film festivals, and maintain a library of SVOD indie films and profiles for creatives, offering local and global visibility to their talent." - Cinebooth (About Us)

Our collaboration with Cinebooth is very much focused on promoting the amazing talents of indie filmmakers. Together, we will give a voice to filmmakers that enter into either organisation with a submission that either wins certain awards or makes a strong impression (or both!).

  Working with Cinebooth promises an exciting & constantly expanding/evolving relationship. When our collaboration enters full-swing, we can look forward to sharing high-quality films across each other's events and also featuring Cinebooth entries on our filmmaking podcast

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We are always interested in hearing from potential new collaborators, partners, and sponsors for our festival & podcast. 

If you work for, or know of, anyone that may be appropriate then get in contact with us at: 
FESTIVAL - info@whitedeerfest.co.uk
PODCAST - podcast@whitedeerfest.co.uk
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