This page is designed to update you on the situation regarding our annual event in light of the concerns surrounding COVID-19. 
However, before we go into detail, we wanted to say an absolutely massive thank you to all who have submitted to us in our first year and supporting us. It has been a delightfully interesting & rewarding first 6 months and we are already so excited to grow the festival into a great experience for everyone. 
We also congratulate all those who have won a bi-monthly award!
It is very much deserved and we look forward to seeing more entries from you all in the future!

To reiterate what is stated elsewhere on our website and within previous emails communications, only bi-monthly winning entrants from one of our ‘East Midlands’ & ‘Main’ categories will be screened at our annual event. Therefore, any film that has won an award from either our ‘Genre’ or ‘Technical’ categories will NOT be featured this year. However, we would like to make it clear that our annual event is for everyone and is open to everyone! 

This brings us on to our annual event and our response to the coronavirus pandemic. We are very aware that the future is extremely uncertain. In the UK, where our team operates, we could never have foreseen the near-total lockdown of the country, and yet, here we are. Therefore, it is incredibly difficult for us to predict what is to come, yet we remain incredibly hopeful that the world will have united to combat the virus, allowing for a return to “normal” life. With that hope, it is our stance to continue planning our annual event with the best intention that it will take place, as planned on September the 5th of this year (2020). 

For clarity, and to begin to build excitement for the event, we would like to present to you our initial schedule for the day’s activities:

12:00 → 13:30 - Photoshoot & Arrival
13:30 → 15:30 - Welcome Talk & Bi-monthly-winning 'East Midlands' films screening
15:30 → 16:30 - First guest speaker & Networking opportunities
16:30 → 18:30 - Bi-monthly-winning ‘Main’ films screening
18:30 → 20:30 - Opportunity to purchase dinner from  local/sponsor restaurants & Networking opportunities
20:30 → 22:00 - Gold-laurel winners announcement & screening 
22:00 → 00:00 - Networking opportunities & Departure  

We have use of two separate rooms, a Networking Hall & a Screening Theatre. At all times throughout the day, there will be networking opportunities in the Networking Hall as well as refreshments. Ticketing information will follow in the next coming weeks.

The keen organisers amongst you will notice that the time allowed for screening is significantly shorter than you you might think is needed. This is true and we have taken the difficult decision to only show a short clip or trailer from feature-length entries shown at the event. It has always been a goal of ours to be the hosts of an event that puts networking at the forefront of what we offer and have been growing concerned that our original plans left little time for the annual event to provide this. Therefore, we have made this decision to boost the face-to-face connections that can be made by allowing time for people to share their talents and services. 

However, we are absolutely intending to show the feature films during a week-long online 'WatchParty' event, which may also include additional selections, if scheduling allows. There will be more information to follow regarding this, but we can assure you that this will allow for additional networking and connections to be made. We would also like to ensure to you that the event will absolutely be worth attending due to the networking-related activities and guest speakers, which will be announced in the leadup to the event. 

On a similar note, if the COVID-19 situation persists, we will most likely be forced to either rearrange the date of the annual event to a time that is far safer or transition into an entirely digital event instead. As a team, we will discuss this scenario in greater detail and update you further on our decisions.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know.

All the best & stay safe,
The White Deer IFF team

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